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[New Taipei/Danshui) Ah Po Iron Eggs

Ah Poh Iron Eggs, Tamsui
Ah Po Tie Dan (阿婆铁蛋) at Tamsui, Taipei

Iron eggs/Tie Dan (铁蛋) are a specialty food that originated from Tamsui/Danshui (淡水). Even though there are many other brands selling cheaply in the area now, the original brand from Ah Po (阿婆) is still the most popular. It is a hard-boiled egg that has gone through many cycles of braising and drying until the egg white shrinks, turning tough & chewy in the process. I would describe the result as a braised egg with concentrated flavours many times that of a normal one.

Ah Poh Iron Eggs, Tamsui
Vacuum-packed iron eggs hanging up for sale.

Ah Poh Iron Eggs, Tamsui
The inside of the iron egg, showing the yolk. The colour within still resembles a braised egg. Full of flavour with every bite.

Ah Poh Iron Eggs, Tamsui
Comes in quail egg sizes as well. I personally prefer the normal-sized ones as these smaller eggs are really tough and chewy.

Ah Poh Iron Eggs, Tamsui
Ah Po Tie Dan has a history of 35 years and was the first shop that started the industry in Taiwan. The packaging describes the process of using eggs, five-spice powder, rock sugar, soy sauce and salt for the braising. Braising takes 3 hours and then the eggs are dried. They are braised again the next day. This process is repeated for at least a week! No chemical preservatives are used.

Ah Poh Iron Eggs, Tamsui

Ah Po Iron Eggs 阿婆铁蛋
Address: 135-1 Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui district (Click here for Google Maps location)
地址: 台北縣淡水鎮中正路135-1號
電話/Telephone: (02) 2625-1625, 2621-1432, (02) 2629-2838, 2621-1563
Getting there: The shop is situated in Tamsui Old Street Click the link for directions & more good eats in the area.
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