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[Bangkok] Ban Khun Mae

Bah Khon Mae
Lunch for two: stir-fried minute spinach, pandan chicken and tom yum kung

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Bah Khon Mae is one of my top favourite restaurant in Bangkok for many reasons. First, I get to try many authentic and decent Thai dishes at reasonable prices, the location is simply awesome (centrally located in the heart of Siam Square i.e. walking distance from Siam Paragon/Siam BTS station and the popular Novetel Siam Hotel) and the ambiance is warm and cozy. Even though it is located in the heart of the tourist area, the place is popular with both tourists and locals, I would say about 50-50. I have been to Bangkok several times over the last few years, and during each trip, I will visit this restaurant at least twice. So the following food photos were taken over a few visits and not eaten in one sitting by two hungry people: we are not monsters ^_^

Location & Setting
Ban Khun Mae
This is the exterior of the restaurant. For walking directions, refer to the end of the post. I love to visit this restaurant at night when the weather is cooler to walk.

live music
The interior is quite upmarket without being atas. Every night from 7-9pm, they have live traditional Thai music. The restaurant occupies two floors and they have someone playing music on both floors. But usually you can’t really hear the music well because the place will be filled with dinner chatter.

Ban Khun Mae Menu
Their menu is tourist-friendly and comes in English with photos.

table setting
Table setting

We discovered that the table is actually a converted sewing machine. So creative!

Our Favourite Dishes
Here are some of our favourite dishes.

Baked Prawns in Glass Noodles
Baked Prawn with Glass Noodles (280 baht)
This was the most expensive dish we have tried and I like it very much. The tang hoon (glass noodles) was springy and well-braised.

Baked Prawns in Tang Hoon
Underneath the tang hoon were gigantic prawns! I don’t think you can tell how big the prawns are from the photos, but you can make a comparison with respect to the serving dish.

Baked Prawn with Glass Noodles
I love eating seafood in Thailand as it’s fresh and cheap.

Chilli Sauce
Chilli sauce that came with the tang hoon prawns dish.

stir-fry water spinach
Minute-fried water spinach (80 baht)
They call it water spinach, we call it kangkong. This is one of the cheapest, nicest and most popular (I always spied other diners’ tables discreetly) vegetable dish here. It’s stir-fried briefly in chilli, garlic and taucheo.

Pandan Chicken
Pandan Chicken (120 baht)
Who doesn’t like pandan chicken? It’s one of my favourite Thai dishes.

Pandan Chicken
Unwrapping the pandan leaves … the chicken is nicely fried and aromatic. This is a popular dish as I spied many tables ordering it.

Tom Yum Kung
Another popular dish is their Shrimp Spicy Soup or Tom Yum Kung (170 baht).

Tom Yum Kung
The tom yum kung comes with generous mushrooms and large prawns. It’s spicy and goes well with white rice.

Thai red ruby
Our favourite dessert here is the Thai red ruby. Out of our several visits, we were unsuccessful in ordering this dessert half the time (we usually order at around 8+ after we finished our meal). So sometimes, to ensure we get to eat it, we ordered earlier and ate this in-between our dishes, instead of at the end of the meal :P

green curry
Their chicken green curry was quite good and it was a milder, sweeter curry suitable for those who can’t take too spicy.

Other Worthy Mentions
Papaya Salad
Thai green papaya salad (70 baht). Their som tam isn’t too shabby, but just a short walk away, at Som Tam Nua, we found the best-ever papaya salad (comes with crispy fried pig skin) so we no longer order this here.

Thai Fish Cake
As you can see these Thai fish cakes look a bit deflated. So far, my favourite Thai fish cake find in the area is Manna at Siam Paragon.

Steam Seafood Curry Coconut
Steamed Seafood Curry Paste Filled in Coconut (170 baht)
Ordered this dish because it looks fancy. The contents resembles an otah-like stew.

Stir fry mixed veg
Stir fry mixed vegetables (80 baht)
This is assorted vegetables (asparagus, carrot, mushrooms, baby corn) stir-fried in oyster sauce.

Pineapple Rice
Baked pineapple rice (100 baht)
Something special about their pineapple rice: we found water chestnut bits in it, giving it a nice crunch. Someone said my pineapple rice is better ;)

Pad Thai
Pad Thai (120 baht); quite decent.

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango Sticky Rice (90 baht)
This was decent and delicious, but we prefer the one at Mango Tango just across the street! But if you can’t make it there yet, check out my mango sticky rice recipe.

Sweet Banana
Banana Boiled in Syrup with Coconut Milk Sauce. It is very filling.

Unfortunately, most restaurants in Bangkok do not serve free plain water so we tried out some drinks here.

Our favourite drinks are lemongrass juice and roselle juice (the red one); 50 baht each. The roselle juice tastes like Ribena.

Old-Fashioned Iced Tea
Old-fashioned ice tea; a little overly sweet like most Thai teas are, but fragrant.

We can’t remember what this was, but it was really refreshing and I believe it was mango or some tropical smoothie.

Hope I get to go back soon to try out more yummy dishes.

Ban Khun Mae

Ban Khun Mae
Address: 458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road, Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: Daily, 11.00 am – 11.00 pm
Nearest BTS: Siam Station
Walking Directions: From Siam BTS station, exit the side opposite Siam Paragon. Look for Soi 5 and walk along the row of shop houses. You will pass by Som Tam Nua (on the left) and Mango Tango (on the right) along the way. From Mango Tango, you will be able to see Ban Khun Mae, which is a standalone house, across the road. Total walking time from the Siam BTS station is only about 5 mins. Refer to the map on the official website below.


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