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[Taipei] Calla Young Garden Resort

[Update 8 Nov 2015] Unfortunately, we have to stop recommending this particular spa resort. Our latest and third visit was a huge disappointment. The dinner was no longer the sumptuous feast shown in the photos below in our original review.

Instead, we were served simple cabbage and other stir-fry, no sashimi, no dessert. Everything is served at the same time to your table in common plates, no individual portions. The same cabbage was also available during breakfast in the common trays! The food was cold and all self-service. Tables were not cleared at all during breakfast as they did not assign anyone to serve the tables in the morning. There was no welcome fruit platter in the room when we arrived and snacks were no longer provided. Being high up in the mountains with no other restaurants/cafes in the vicinity, how is one to enjoy the hot-spring spa without even a decent accompanying meal? For the same or increased in prices that the resort is charging, we felt that we should take our money elsewhere as it is simply no longer worth the long winding journey up Yang Ming Shan.

— Below is the unedited version of our original review from 2012 & 2014 —

calla young view

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Taiwan is famous for its hot springs and spas in addition to delicious street food and great shopping. This particular Spa resort, Calla Young Garden Resort (陽明山水會館), was recommended by a friend and we found the place to be absolutely beautiful and relaxing. A one-way bus ride from Taipei Main Station area takes about an hour as it is located high up in the Yang Ming Shan area, well away from the city centre. The journey, although winding and giddiness inducing, feels totally worth it when you reach the resort. The resort features in-room spa facilities as well as communal spa areas. You get a splendid view from your room as the resort is located in the mountainous area.

calla young view
We took the hot and cold tub option to maximize the hot spring spa experience. Note: Only the most expensive room in the resort has the hot and cold tub.

calla young tub
A closer look at the tubs. The hot tub is the larger one with a step for you to sit. The cold tub is meant for a quick dip when you alternate between them.

calla young basin
Full amenities such as bath robes and luxurious toiletries are provided.

calla young couch
The room is beautifully furnished and you can enjoy the TV on the large couch when you are out of the tub.

calla young bed
This is the Japanese-style room so it comes with a low bed and zen-like furnishings.

calla young dinner
One of the highlights of your stay are the dinner and breakfast meals that are included with the room package.

calla young dinner
Dinner is a 6-course meal and comes with dessert and vinegar wine.

calla young dinner
Some of the starters for dinner.

calla young dinner
Pan-fried fish

calla young dinner
Boiled chicken soup

calla young dinner
Vegetable soup

calla young dinner
Barley and grain

calla young drink
A nice ice-blended fruit drink

calla young dinner

calla young breakfast
For breakfast, you have a choice of  Western or Asian style.

calla young breakfast
Western style includes the standard bacon, sausages, baked beans, sandwiches and salad.

calla young front
The front of Calla Young Garden Resort.

calla young outdoor
There are outdoor pools if you wish to enjoy a swim in the fresh air.

calla young stream
A gentle stream among the greenery relaxes you and takes your mind off the hustle and bustle of city life.

Book a room using the website. If you do not understand mandarin, you can book it through a third-party hotel booking site. Just Google the name of the resort.

Directions / How to get there:
Email the resort for English & Mandarin instructions on how to get there.
Address: 新北市金山區重和里林口33-3號


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