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Chicken Up


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I saw many yummy photos of Chicken Up, a popular Korean fried chicken pub, on instagram and read glowing reviews on hungrygowhere (a whopping 83%). We love Korean food so we made a date to try this out!

Chicken Up (Korean Fried Chicken), Singapore

We took advantage of the daily early bird special (20% off) between 530 pm (opening time) and 730pm. The 20% did not include drinks. We reached at around 515pm and was surprised that there was already a small crowd waiting for the eatery to open.

Watermelon Soju

Watermelon Soju. I admitted this was what made me really interested when I saw the instagram photos. I think there was a price increase because we paid $38 instead of $30 we read online. The waitress poured a whole new bottle of soju into the watermelon in front of us. It was actually overkill for two of us, because the SO was driving so essentially I was the ONLY ONE drinking this. And then I saw a group of 10 sharing this watermelon soju lol. Luckily I can hold my liquor well – I wasn’t drunk but I felt a bit giddy :( I would have preferred it if we can add the soju on our own, then my SO can drink the watermelon juice while I add soju to my cup (and perhaps bring the remaining soju home in the bottle, haha). I saw photos that most had their watermelon carved. It was no biggie that ours wasn’t but I would prefer it if it was given the price we paid xD Anyway I will not be ordering this again unless I have company to drink with, as I can easily recreate this at home (see my Instagram) since the cost price is much cheaper (that was the inner cheapskate cook in me calling). Besides watermelon, they also have pineapple and yakult soju.

Chicken Up (Korean Fried Chicken), Singapore
Complimentary salad and can be refilled. That’s really nice of them since we do need some greens to balance all that meat and alcohol we will be having.

Chicken Up (Korean Fried Chicken), Singapore

We ordered two types of chicken, and when they arrived we instantly regretted over-ordering as the chicken pieces were huge! Left (in the red basket) was Spicy Up, the eatery’s signature Korean spicy fried chicken and right was Yangnyum aka sweet and sticky chicken.

"Spicy Up" at Chicken up
Spicy Up (4 pieces for $18). Korean fried chicken spicy version. They were deep fried to crispy perfection and not overly oily. We love the spiciness. Delicious!

Yangnyum at Chicken Up
Yangnyum chicken (4 pieces for $22). I love the sweet and sticky glaze! A bit messy to eat but that’s all right for me.

Truffle Fries at Chicken Up
Truffle Fries. Read glowing reviews for truffle fries though we only found it ok. But at least for S$8, the portion was really generous and decent.

The total damage was S$89.92 even with the 20% off for food. The usual 10% service charge and 7% GST applies. I considered it steep for two actually as we don’t usually spend this amount on pub food. Then again, these are pub prices within CBD so it was understandable. We also over-ordered for two. I think we should have opted for the buffet instead, wished the waitress had explained to us. At least for the prices, the food portion was generous and quality was good. I will be back to try other types of chicken (namely the soya fried chicken which is another popular dish) and perhaps the tobokki, though we will not be ordering the expensive party soju anymore unless I have company to drink with. This is overall a chic and relaxing place to hang out in within the hustle and bustle of CBD :)

Chicken Up (Korean Fried Chicken), Singapore

Chicken Up

Address #01-01, 48 Tanjong Pagar Road
Opening Hours Sun – Thu: 17:30 – 02:00; Fri – Sat: 17:30 – 03:00
Phone 63271203
Facebook Page click here
Walking Directions: 10 to 15 mins walk from nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar


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