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Dancing Chef Suki Sauce

Dancing Chef Suki Sauce
Dancing Chef Suki Sauce – Dipping Sauce for Steamboat (Hot Pot)

Note: Once in a while, I will recommend a food product that I like. This is NOT a paid review.

I read about this sauce at Makansutra Forums. Many people there recommended this sauce for steamboat and said that  it is close to the taste of the dip at Coca Restaurant which I like a lot. Since I tried this bottled sauce last year, it has became a must-have sauce on the dining table whenever we have steamboat. My family likes it (especially those who find my chilli padi dip too hot), and for extra taste, I added toasted sesame seeds and chopped coriander which resembles the taste at Coca even more.

Side note: To toast sesame seeds, heat up a dry pan or wok, then add sesame seeds. Use a spatula to stir the sesame seeds evenly and toast till the sesame seeds is a nice golden brown. Do not take your eyes off during the toasting process as it only takes a few minutes, and the seeds get from golden to burnt really quickly.

The sauce is sold at major supermarkets (for example, Giant & NTUC) in Singapore for about S$2. It’s available all year round, but closer to Chinese New Year, there might be a shortage (what I noticed last year anyway – I was unable to find the sauce a few days before CNY). So if you want this sauce to go with your steamboat this year, it might be a good idea to stock up now.

Suki Sauce

Product Information
Brand: Dancing Chef
Product Name: Suki Sauce (Spicy Dipping Sauce)
Product of Thailand
Halal-Certified Logo: No (but no meat in the ingredients list)
Can be purchased at most major supermarkets in Singapore

Note: I’m writing about this product because it is my personal favourite. This is NOT a paid review. Commercial companies may not use my content for advertising purposes.


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