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[Taipei] Fu Hang Dou Jiang

Fu Hang Dou Jiang
Breakfast at Fu Hang Dou Jiang

For an authentic and traditional Chinese breakfast, nothing comes as close as soy bean milk/dou jiang (豆漿), fried fritters/Chinese “donuts”/you tiao (炸油條) and roasted flatbread with sesame/Shao Bing (燒餅). Fu Hang Dou Jiang (阜杭豆漿) is a very popular eatery and its long queues every morning are as famous as its name. Through our prior online research, we were mentally prepared to wait for anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes as long queues are the daily norm, especially on weekends.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang
We read online that it is generally recommended to arrive before 8am. We arrived at 8.50am on a weekday bracing ourselves for the long queue (tried waking up earlier but failed). As I hastened my pace towards the start of the queue, I could see that there were actually people joining the queue with every step I took. People were literally joining the queue every second! It was sheer fluke that we only had to wait for about 10 minutes before we reached the order station. The service crew were efficient, polite and patient, clearing our orders very quickly. This is the photo of the queue we took at 9am (there were many people behind us already). By the time we left, the queue had extended all the way down the staircase to the first floor.

Fu hang Dou Jiang's Opening Hours
Accurate as of July 2012: Do take note that the stall is now closed on Mondays. They still open at 5.30am from Tues to Sun and have extended their opening hours to 12.30pm. Previously, they are open daily from 5.30am to 10.30am.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang, Taipei
The open kitchen where you can see the preparation and cooking while waiting for your turn to place your order.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang, Taipei
One of the chefs expertly making their signature roasted flatbread (燒餅).

Fu Hang Dou Jiang
This is the order station with a menu overhead. You place your dou jiang/soy milk order before ordering the food. You can specify the sweetness of your sweet soy milk and also request a bag for taking away any leftovers.

Salty Soy Milk
This is a bowl of delicious salty soy milk (咸豆漿) NT$30, a Taiwanese specialty.

Salty Soy Milk
Coagulated soy milk is a trademark of this dish. You either love it or hate it – fortunately we love it very much. The taste reminds us slightly of Japanese chawanmushi.

salty soy milk
Chai po (preserved turnip) and coriander were used as a savoury touch to the dish.

salty soy milk
See the little eyes of a tiny fish? One of the ingredients adding savoury flavour to the salty soy milk.

soy milk
This is the sweet soy milk (熱豆漿) NT$20 which we are more used to. It is soy milk done the right way with a thin layer of film forming on top as it cooled.

sweet soy milk
The soya milk is smooth, flavourful and has a rich soya bean taste.

dipping you tiao in soy milk
Dip the crisp fried fritter/you tiao NT$22 in the soy milk for extra enjoyment of every bite.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang
Their soy bean milk in a convenient take-away cup (with the bubble tea wrap). Nice and simple design with traditional fonts.

Dan Bing
Egg biscuit/dan bing (蛋餅) NT$28. This is a delicious pan-fried egg which we enjoyed immensely.

Hou Bing
This is the highly recommended thick flatbread with egg/hou shao bing jia dan (厚餅夾蛋) NT$38. We found it a little too heavy after so much food, even though it is roasted to savoury perfection. Next round we will try its thin flatbread/bao shao bing (薄燒餅) instead.

Hou Bing Jia Dan
Here is a closer look at the fried egg sandwiched between the flatbread.

Station for the sauces and chilli.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang
Overall, this is a truly high quality breakfast place and everything is made to perfection. As you look around you will notice that this place is actually a food court with many other stalls. The other stalls only open after lunch when Fu Hang Dou Jiang ends operations for the day. After all, all the seats in the food court will be filled with Fu Hang Dou Jiang’s customers in the morning.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang

Fu Hang Dou Jiang  阜杭豆漿
地址: 台北市中正區忠孝東路一段108號2樓之28 (華山市場二樓)
Address: 108 Zhongxiao East Road, 2nd floor of Hua Shan Market
Click here for Google Map
Getting there: Shandao Temple MRT station (善導寺站), Exit 5. The building is right next to the station exit. Look for the sign “華山市場” (Hua Shan Market) at the entrance of the building.
Opening Hours/營業時間: Tues-Sun 5:30am~12:30pm; Closed on Monday

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This article is written by contributing writer, B.

wiffy: I believe this has to be Taipei’s most popular and famous breakfast place! The constant long queues are testament to its alluring appeal. When I was doing my research and read about the typical 30-60 minutes wait, I wondered if it is a case of over-hype. After trying, I concluded that the food is really good, and well worth the wait for an authentic & traditional Taiwanese breakfast. I thank our lucky stars that we only have to queue 10 minutes (really unusual for the timing we arrived), and the infamous long queues started as we were leaving the premises. Despite the brisk business, the service crew were really polite and friendly, so thumbs up for their great service as well.


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    One of my favorite then :)


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    Thanks for the update of Taipei Food reviews, it is so interesting and very informative to me as I am going end of Dec12!! Pls keep on putting in more post!. Thanks.


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