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[Taipei] Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining (Formerly Hello Kitty Sweets)

UPDATE: Hello Kitty Sweets has been renamed Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining. Location remains the same.

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
Hello Kitty cafe/restaurant in Taipei

This is every Hello Kitty fan’s dream come true: To eat and drink everything Hello Kitty (HK) while being surrounded by uber cute Hello Kitty decor! Only a 5-minute walk away from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station, it is a place worth taking a look even if you are not a HK fan. Who knows? You might be enchanted to want to walk in for a seat! This is a cafe/restaurant so it serves mainly cakes and desserts but they also serve western-style main courses such as pastas, burgers, soup-bowls and steaks during lunch and dinner. It’s highly recommended to make a reservation before hand, as we first visited without a reservation and had to return another day because the queue was simply too long.

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, Taipei
The front of the Hello Kitty Sweets cafe. You won’t miss it when you walk past. Look at the huge emblem adorning the roof!

Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei
The cutest Hello Kitty toys putting on their best pose for customers walking by.

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
Not surprisingly, everything here is Hello Kitty-themed. You will be greeted by the cute billboard and waiting sign at the queue area.

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
While waiting for your seat, you can admire the huge selection of Hello Kitty cakes and pastries at the bakery.

cake display at Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
A closer look at the cakes and pastries. All exquisitely made.

Hello Kitty Cake
A perfectly shaped Hello Kitty cake!

Bakery @ Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
More Hello Kitty cakes in every colour and flavour.

cake display at Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei
Plush Hello Kitty decorations.

Hello Kitty arm chair
Beautiful cosy couch at the queue area.

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei (first floor)
As with most bakeries, there is a window for the chef to display his/her skills.

cake decorating @ Hello Kitty Sweets
Chef-at-work creating the next mouthwatering and endearing cake.

Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei
These are the large tables on the first floor. They look prettier than the ones on the 2nd floor.

Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei
A Hello Kitty in every corner :)

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
On the 2nd floor, these tables are meant for groups of 3 or more.

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, Taipei
Photo frames lining the walls.

Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei
Pretty chandelier. Do you see someone on it?

chandelier at Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe
A little Hello Kitty perched on the chandelier.

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei (second floor)
There is an extra wide table with more privacy for the whole family or a huge group of friends. Perfect for a birthday party!

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
The napkin and feedback forms holder.

Hello Kitty feedback form
This must be the sweetest looking feedback form ever.

Hello Kitty serviettes
Pretty cafe logo on every napkin.

Hello Kitty placemat
Not forgetting your Hello Kitty place mat. Even the glass surface of the tabletop is etched with the Hello Kitty head.

Hello Kitty strawberry drinkc
We ordered a desserts set meal and each dessert comes with a beverage worth NT$180. Just top up the difference if you wish to order a higher priced drink.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Drink
wiffy’s 草梅雪泡 was worth NT$230 so the top up was NT$50. The Hello Kitty is starting to dissipate. :O

Hello Kitty Drink
My 可可雪泡 at the same top up of NT$50. Very cute, though a tad sweet.

Hello Kitty cute food
wiffy’s order of 日耳曼塔 at NT$330. Expertly decorated. The egg tart was delicious.

Hello Kitty cute food
My cake set, 香草森林, costs NT$330. Super kawaii!

Hello Kitty cake
The cake tasted as sweet as it looked, it’s really nice. Don’t you think you almost couldn’t bear to bite into the white chocolate Hello Kitty? Overall, I liked the cakes more than the drinks as I found the drinks too artificially flavoured and sweet. By the way, the official website (listed below) is very comprehensive and contains the full menu with prices.

The bill holder at the end of your meal. Nothing is without a Hello Kitty look. :)

cashier at Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei
The cashier counter.

Hello Kitty toilet
The entrance of the female washroom. I did not confirm with the staff but I could not find a male washroom!

Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei
Even the washroom is beautifully decorated. Too bad I couldn’t go in :x

Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei
I think if you stand in front of the wash basin, you can see yourself with a Hello Kitty face.

Hello Kitty Toilet
A closer look at basin tap and soap dispenser. And also the pink Hello Kitty toilet bowl :x

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, Taipei

Hello Kitty Sweets
Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining

Address: 90 Da-an Road Sec 1, Taipei, Taiwan
地址: 台北市大安路一段90號
Click here for Google Map
Website/官網: Facebook
Opening Hours/營業時間: 11:30~22:00 (週一到週日/daily)
Getting there: Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station, Exit 3 (Less than 5-min walk) 捷運板南線「忠孝復興」站3號出口
Click here for walking directions on Google Map
Note: This is a Hello Kitty restaurant/cafe serving main courses and desserts. They also have a bakery selling cakes and pastries. Reservations recommended, each patron (except children below 1 m in height) has to spend a minimum of NT$330 and you are limited to 1.5 hours per sitting.

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This article is written by contributing writer, B.

wiffy: Cuteness overload! Everything is pink and pretty here. Although I do not have a sweet tooth (I can’t finish my food and drink as they were too sweet for me), I enjoyed myself taking lots of pictures (I even went prepared wearing kitty tee and shades).


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8 Responses to “[Taipei] Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining (Formerly Hello Kitty Sweets)”

  1. HoppingHammy — August 8, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

    I don’t just *like* this post….I LOVE it!! Thank you for your detailed review. I have always wanted to go to one of the HK specialty cafes, and your photos further intensify that feeling. :P Everything is adorable and they left out no details!


    • wiffy replied: — August 10th, 2012 @ 12:53 pm

      Thanks for your sweet comment Hopping. Hope you will get to visit a HK cafe one day :)


  2. jaschocolate — August 25, 2012 @ 12:07 pm

    There should be a male washroom. My friend’s husband helped her took some photos inside when they went to Taipei last year. :)


    • wiffy replied: — August 25th, 2012 @ 8:20 pm

      Great! Thanks for the information, will send someone to check it out next time too, lol :)


  3. Helen — January 28, 2015 @ 1:43 pm

    My group consists of six including my mom who has a knee problem, that means she can’t go upstairs, though not a wheelchair user.

    Can the ground floor accommodate all of six, or should we divide into two groups. One up, one down. Please advise.


    • wiffy replied: — February 6th, 2015 @ 3:17 pm

      Perhaps you will like to call up the cafe to enquire, they are in a better position to answer.


  4. mixue — April 19, 2016 @ 4:12 pm

    Hi, may I know how do we make reservation with them?
    Thank you.


    • B replied: — April 19th, 2016 @ 10:26 pm

      Hello, I have updated the post with a link to their Facebook. You can find the contact number there.