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[Hong Kong] Kai Kee Noodle

Dark Soy Noodles with Deep-fried Seaweed Squid Balls
Dark Soy Noodles with Deep-fried Cuttlefish Balls HK$30 炸紫菜墨魚丸黑豉油撈麵

Kai Kee Noodle (雞記潮州麵食) is a Chiu Chow (Teochew) restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), Hong Kong. Their signature dishes are the dark soy noodles (pictured above) and deep-fried fish cakes. We decided to try this eatery because we were at TST (shopping at the Granville Road area for ladies streetwear) and this happens to be within easy walking distance from TST MTR station. I started with zero expectation for the food since it was an eatery which B researched at the last minute, but it turned out to be a great find and another unexpected yummy discovery in HK for us :)

User-friendly menu at Kai Kee Noodle, Hong Kong
User-friendly menu in Chinese, English & Japanese

Their menu is tourist friendly as it comes with photos and words in Chinese, English & Japanese, so no fear of ordering the wrong food even if you don’t speak Cantonese.

Dark Soy Noodles
Dark Soy Noodles 黑豉油撈麵

These are the signature noodles which resembles our local “mee poh”. I totally love the springy QQ texture of the noodles.

Deep-fried Cuttlefish Balls
Deep-fried Cuttlefish Balls with Seaweed 紫菜墨魚丸

You can order plain dark soy noodles but I ordered them with deep-fried cuttlefish balls (sotong balls) which were really, really good! I am a huge fan of cuttlefish balls and these are really springy/bouncy with a firm bite and a home-made feel – easily one of the best cuttlefish balls I have eaten. You can order a whole plate of cuttlefish balls at HK$28 and I think I prefer them slightly over their signature fish cakes (but I may be biased since I loveeee cuttlefish balls too much).

Soy Sauce Noodles
Beneath the noodles are hidden blanched vegetables – a really delightful find since not many bowls of noodles I had in HK come with much vegetables (not counting the spring onion or coriander garnishes).

Deep-fried Fish Cakes
Deep-fried Fish Cakes 炸魚片頭 HK$28

Another signature dish besides the soy noodles at this eatery is their deep-fried fish cakes. In the menu, the English translation was “deep fried head of fish balls” which I though was a bit too literal from “炸魚片頭”. At first I was confused whether to order this or their pan-fried minced fish (looks more like the fish cakes or 魚餅 we are familiar with in SG), but I compared the photo with the one in my guidebook and realized that the recommended one was the rectangular shaped fish cakes pictured above. They arrived freshly deep-fried.

Deep-fried Fish Cakes
Taking a bite from the deep-fried fish cake

According to my guidebook (Eat Your Way Around Hong Kong), these fish cakes (called “yu pin tao” in HK) from Kai Kee “are made with meat from shark and lizard fish. The preparation process requires the fish paste to be pounded for at least 80 minutes to release the collagen and achieve the desired springy texture. The fried pieces can be bent 180 degrees without breaking.” I have not tried bending them to find out if it’s true (in case it accidentally got flicked off and hit an angry diner), but springy they definitely are, just like the cuttlefish balls.

Shrimp Wonton Noodles
Shrimp Wonton Noodle 鮮蝦雲吞麵 HK$27

We also ordered their wonton noodles to try. We had zero expectation since the place is not famous for their wontons unlike Mak’s Noodle or Wing Wah Noodle House, but it turns out to be decent enough to meet our quite high standard when it comes to wonton noodles in HK.

Shrimp Wonton
Taking a bite of the shrimp wonton with generous prawn inside.

Kai Lan with Dried Prawn Roe
Kai Lan with Dried Prawn Roe 蝦籽油菜 HK$16

I try to order vegetables in every meal and I really like this plate of kai lan with dried prawn roe and oyster sauce. The kai lan is nicely blanched and the dried prawn roe powder is generously sprinkled. At HK$16, it is not expensive for such a dish (we ordered similar dish at Wing Wah for HK$33).

In conclusion, this is a really nice eatery at a convenient location, offering something different from the usual HK fare like wonton noodles or dim sum. I’m definitely craving for the dark soy noodles with cuttlefish balls as I am writing this :)

Kai Kee Noodle, Hong Kong

Kai Kee Noodle 雞記潮州麵食
Address: G/F, 15C Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (note: they were formerly at Granville Road)
Walking Directions: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station (same exit as K11 Art Mall)
地址: 尖沙咀加拿芬道15號C地下
Opening Hours:  7am to 11pm
Tel/電話 :  (852) 2301 2099

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