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[Taipei] Lantern Hot Stew at Shida Night Market

Lantern Hot Stew
Delicious Braised Plate from Lantern Hot Stew, Shida Night Market (师大灯笼卤味)

At Shida Night Market in Taipei (師大路夜市), the most famous and popular food stall is the Lantern Braised Foods/Deng Long Lu Wei (燈籠滷味) selling assorted foods which you can pick (similar to our local yong tau foo style) and served in a special braising sauce. This is the night market food stall I missed the most in Taipei, definitely a must-try if you are in Shida Night Market.

Deng Long Lu Wei at Shida Yeshi, Taipei
We were there on a Saturday night, and the whole Shida Night Market was crowded to the point of being almost impassable, and this stall was super crowded. Not sure if the traffic will be better on a weekday. The food selection, paying and cooking are all done outside the eatery. Look out for the wordings “燈籠滷味” on the sign in addition to the red lanterns at the side – there is a copycat and less crowded  stall just a few stalls away also donning similar red lanterns. I’m so glad I saw the photo of the sign at Pig Pig’s Night Markets & Street Foods in Taipei post, else we might have ate from the wrong stall.

Lantern Braised Stew at Shida Night Market
To order, first grab a pink basket and a pair of tongs. Choose from an assortment of ingredients (pic above) ala yong tau hu style, you will see that most people basically filled their baskets to the brim. There is wide variety of foods to choose, from “safe foods” like mushrooms, tofu and vegetables to more “fear factor” stuff like innards, pig’s blood cake and intestines. The only fear factor food I grabbed was the intestines, and it tastes darn good :p

Food pickings
Thanks to Daniel’s blog, I know that the must pick is the “Wan Zi Mian”/Prince Noodles 王子面, it has a cute picture of a little boy on the packaging. You MUST include it in your pickings, it’s just so good, like an enhanced version of our local MaMee noodles. We see almost everybody in the queue grabbing a packet. The above basket is our pick that day.

After you picked the food, pass your basket to the auntie, and join another queue where the food will be cooked. Once it is your turn, the action happens quickly. Someone will  count and cut the foods in your basket to bite-sized pieces and collect payment. Another person will blanch the cut food in a huge pot (shown above). You need to sort of recognise what you picked after they have been cut, and note where your basket lands in the pot, because there is no system or number tags for tracking – you simply tell them which basket belongs to you. It sounds chaotic but somehow everything falls in place once you are there.

After the foods are cooked, they will be transferred onto a large serving plate. They will ask if you like chilli (which is very good) and a special, very delicious braising sauce will be poured over the food. After that, the plate will be topped with generous amounts of salted vegetables and spring onions.

This is our plate of braised yummies – among the food we picked were prince noodles, mushrooms, meat balls, hot dogs, bean curd and intestines. Some people think the food look like a rojak mess with everything tossed together, but I personally think the plate looks so beautifully delicious. We have no idea about the individual cost of the ingredients, but our plate comes up to about NT$200. This is so delicious that I have to fight the compulsion to buy another plate right after eating.

Wan Zi Mian 王子面
The prince noodles were really incredibly good. Nice firm QQ texture and flavourful … really a must pick!

Bubble Tea
Bubble milk tea. There are 2 floors of tables. It was really crowded that day but we managed to find a table upstairs. For dine in, each customer has to spend NT$30, which is easily covered if you order a drink.

black sugar milk tea 黑糖奶茶
The other drink we ordered is black sugar milk tea, a popular type of tea in Taiwan which uses black sugar instead of white sugar.

Deng Long Lu Wei at ShiDa Night Market, Taipei

Deng Long Lu Wei (Lantern Hot Stew) at Shida Night Market 燈籠滷味, 師大路夜市
Address & Walking Directions: 52 Longquan Street. The food store is located in Shida Night Market situated near National Taiwan Normal University, which starts in the lanes 10 minutes walking distance from Taipower Building (台電大樓), MRT station, Exit 3. Walk along the main Shida Road, and as you get nearer the market area, you will notice more people along the lanes to the right. The market covers several intersecting streets. Walk into the market and lookout for the stall name “燈籠” with red lanterns to distinguish the store (see picture above). Note: There are many copycat stores, and there is one just a few doors away also donning the red lanterns but with a different sign name.
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