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[Taipei] Le Cake’s Sun Cake & Pineapple Pastry

Le Cake Taiwan
Le Cake’s sun cake (left) and pineapple pastry

Le Cake or Li Yi Cake Shop (李儀餅店) is a famous bakery with two outlets in Taiwan (both in Taipei city). They are popular for their sun cakes (太陽鉼) and pineapple pastries/huang li su (鳳梨酥). The bakery has a long history and is now managed by the fourth generation in the family. Their flagship stall is in the beautiful Jiufen county, and they have a branch outlet in the heart of Taipei city located in Taipei Main Station Underground Mall (see addresses with directions at the bottom of this post).

Sun Cake
Butter sun cake (奶油太陽鉼), a specialty of Le Cake

Sun Cake
They provide box for the sun cakes if you buy a certain minimum number of pieces.

Here is the sun cake out of the packaging. Every piece is baked to perfection.

Sun Cake
The crust texture is flaky but smooth with a buttery taste. The maltose paste filling is dry and sweet, just enough to line the middle, ensuring every bite is a smooth blend of crust and filling. Goes very well with Chinese tea. I personally prefer their suncake from Chia Te’s bakery (verified by a blind-fold test).

Pineapple Cake
The bakery also sells Pineapple Cake/Tart/Pastry (鳳梨酥). P.S. This photo of the box was taken last year, hence the date was a year ago.

Le Cake's Pineapple Cake
Their pineapple tarts come in a beautiful traditional packaging.

I personally feel that the pineapple cakes from Chia Te’s Bakery taste better (verified by a blind-fold test). However, on their own, these are excellent pastries too, with a not-overly-sweet filling and dense crust.

Le Cake has two outlets: The main flagship store at Jiufen and the 2nd outlet at Taipei Main Station underground mall.

Li Yi Cake Shop, JiuFen
Le Cake (Jiufen flagship store) 李儀餅店 - 九份總店

Address: No. 18, Qìchē Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
Getting there: See Jiufen write-up with detailed directions. Click here for Google Maps Location.
Opening Hours/營業時間:weekdays/平日9:00~18:30; weekends/週末9:00~20:00)

Le Cake at Taipei Main Station
Le Cake Taipei branch (李儀餅店 – 台北分店
Address: Taipei Main Station, Underground Mall, Unit 11-2B
Getting there: Located at the underground mall of Taipei Main Station. Look for unit 11-2B, it is near Z3 and Z6 exit.
Opening Hours/營業時間:10:00~20:30


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