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[Singapore] Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Fuzhou Oyster Cake
Fuzhou Oyster Cake at Maxwell Market

These Fuzhou (Foo Chow) Oyster Cakes (蠔餅) are my guilty pleasure and if I am in the Chinatown CBD area, I will definitely drop by Maxwell Food Centre to buy them as snacks not matter what the situation is (raining, too full from lunch etc). Health food they are not (the oil they used to deep fry these cakes is almost black), but delicious they definitely are, and that’s what matters to me. I momentarily forget anything I knew about calories or trans fats when eating this – I just know that it is darn delicious and happiness is good for health too :) I remembered eating oyster cakes elsewhere before, where the oil looks cleaner, but the cakes don’t end up half as delicious as the ones sold here. It doesn’t used to be this way a long time ago, but now only S$2 cakes have oysters in them. I always grab two on-the-go, one to eat there to enjoy it piping hot, and the other to enjoy later in the day when the craving sets in again. The shop front has a newspaper article with Anthony Bourdain photo on it, where he also raved about them. Really respect him for eating and appreciating our local fare.

Oyster Cake
Oyster Cake

Taking a bite from the oyster cake
Taking a bite … shiok!

Oyster Foo Chow Cake
Oysters inside

Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake 洪家福州蠔餅
Address: Maxwell Road, #01-05 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore
Tel: +65 9344 1296
Opening Hours: 930am – 830pm (Closed on Sun)


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One Response to “[Singapore] Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake”

  1. Michelle — December 30, 2011 @ 4:48 pm

    Hi Wiffy, I eat at Maxwell Food Centre a lot cos my fav fish soup ismthere! Have u Tried at the Teochew Fish Soup Stall that serves pomfret fish in clear soup broth (sans MSG)? it’s the 1st stall coming fm URA building, facing a fruits stall n ngor hiang stall. The pomfret fish, most costly than the normal batabg fish soup, is so fresh and naturally sweet. Ask for sliced pomfret fish if u dun knowhow to eat e fish with bones.
    There is also my fav rojak with tasty ‘hae kor’….it’s abt 2 stalls away fm peanuts soup stall. After all that, dun forgot to go to the next row behind for the steamed tapioca kueh coated with fresh coconut gratings! And ondeh ondeh too! Long queues all the time!