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[Taipei] Pepper Buns at Raohe St. Night Market

Pepper Bun at Raohe Night Market
Famous Pepper Bun/Hu Jiao Bing at Raohe Night Market NT$45

When you visit Wufenpu garment district in the evening, do not miss the Raohe Street Night Market 饒河觀光夜市 which is about 15 minutes walk away. There, you will find the famous pepper buns (福州世祖胡椒饼) that are deliciously aromatic and distinctively smokey due to them being charcoal-baked. Do note that the featured one has a large black signboard in gold letters and is located just inside the main entrance of the night market. Beware of copycat stalls just outside the entrance!

Pepper Buns Queue at Raohe Market, Taipei
Perpetual long queue for pepper buns at Raohe Market, Taipei

The queue is long but no worries, as there were several staff at the stall making the buns continuously on the spot. So the wait was only about 10 minutes as you moved slowly but steadily along the queue. You can use the chance to admire the expert skills of making the buns.

Pepper Bun, Raohe Night Market, Taipei
Taking a bite

As the buns are charcoal-baked, they are not oily at all. Instead, what you get is a dry, aromatic crispy crust and lots of tender meat fillings. You cannot get it any more freshly baked than this!

Hu Jiao Bing
Freshly taken out of the oven and packed into the paper bag.

Making pepper buns at Raohe Night Market
All hand made, the buns are filled with a generous amount of meat.

Making Hu Jiao Bing at Raohe Market, Taipei
Then they are packed with chopped spring onions, closed up and sprinkled with sesame seeds before being lowered into the charcoal oven.

Pepper Bun Stall at Raohe Street Night Market, Taipei

福州世祖胡椒饼 Fuzhou Ancestor Black Pepper Buns
Address: 249 Raohe Street, Taipei (within Raohe Street Night Market, near entrance with Chinese temple)
地址: 台北市饒河街249號前
Walking Directions: about 25 minutes walk from Houshanpi (後山埤) MRT station (Exit 1: 五分埔 Wufenpu commercial district)
Note1: You can do the Houshanpi MRT->Formosa Chang->Wufenpu ->Raohe Night Market route if walking. Alternatively, take a cab from Houshanpi station
Opening Hours: Daily 15:00 to 24:00
Note2: They have a branch at Shilin Night Market. In our humble opinion, the pepper buns at the original flagship stall at Raohe market tastes better (possibly because they have the full charcoal oven only here), but if you can’t make it to Raohe, you can check it out at Shilin Night Market.

What’s nearby:
Formosa Chang
– Wufenpu wholesale clothes market

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This article is penned by contributing writer, B

wiffy: For someone like me who don’t usually enjoy anything resembling bread, I would say I love and can’t get enough of these pepper buns. The meat filling is peppery and savory, and love the generous amounts of spring onions packed into it. As a cook, I really enjoy watching the process of the experts making the buns on the spot from start to finish. To me, the recipe for these buns is simply nothing short of perfection. At first, I was quite hesitant to walk all the way from Wufenpu to the Raohe Night Market just to try these buns, but after eating it, I would say it’s worth it! Definitely a must-try street food in Taipei. Thanks to NoobCook facebook reader Charlene for the yummy recommendation.


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  1. Kati — April 9, 2016 @ 8:34 pm

    My maternal grandfather owned two of the top store fronts which sold hou jou bina as far back as the 50s. He set the gold standard for crispy, flaky, juicy, and savory pepper pork buns. The buns should never be wet on the bottom. They should burst with a mouthful of juicy, peppery pork and scallion goodness. At stall 156 in Longshan Market (Snake Alley) you’ll find a juicy replica. At Da’an Section 1, No. 1 you’ll get the meatier replica.