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[Taipei] Shin Yeh

Dinner at Shin Yeh

Shin Yeh (欣葉) is a popular Taiwanese restaurant with a number of outlets in Taipei. We decided to visit the flagship store in the Zhongshan area, which is said to have the highest standard. We ordered a few dishes to accompany their signature sweet potato porridge.

Menu at Shin Yeh
The menu has Mandarin, English and Japanese descriptions of the dishes.

Sweet Potato Porridge
The sweet potato porridge (地瓜稀飯) is priced at NT$15 per head with unlimited refills. It comes with thick chunks of tender sweet potato which is both sweet and filling. If you do not like porridge, you can opt for rice instead.

Chai Po Neng
One highly recommended dish is the fried egg with preserved turnip (正宗菜脯蛋) NT$185 aka chaipo neng. This dish goes very well with porridge. The egg is very fluffy and tasty. wiffy has a local recipe (a less fluffy, more crisp version) for chai po neng on the recipes blog.

Fried Oysters
Oysters are fresh and aplenty in Taiwan, so we just have to order Taiwanese-style fried oysters (台式炸蚵仔酥) with accompanying dip of white pepper. Sweet basil was deep-fried along with the oysters for added aroma.

I would describe this as popcorn oysters! See how much they resemble popcorn chicken? Delicious!

Stir-fried vegetables
We ordered a seasonal green leafy vegetable (炒青菜) NT$180 and they served kangkong (空心菜). Their kangkong is a different breed from the ones found in Singapore, and the stems were as tender as the leaves, unlike the tougher and more fibrous hollow stems we have here.

Three Cup Chicken
3-cup chicken (三杯雞) NT$680 is a popular Taiwanese dish. It is called 3 cups as the chicken is simmered with a cup of soy sauce, sesame oil and wine each, or more accurately, in the ratio 1:1:1. wiffy has a recipe for 3 cups chicken on the main site.

Three Cup Chickens
Before serving, the waiter helped us to stir the chicken to coat it evenly with the sauce.

Muah Chee
A complimentary dessert of muah chee (mochi) coated with grounded peanut was served. The texture of the muah chee was one of the best I have ever eaten. Sticky but not gluey, firm yet soft to the bite at the same time. It was warm when it arrived.

Taiwan Beer
The four of us downed 3 bottles of Taiwan Beer to accompany our dinner to celebrate the end of a happy vacation. Cheers!

The service was excellent at this flagship outlet. Even though business was brisk, there was a super attentive and polite waiter who served our table throughout our dinner. Our total bill came close to NT$2000.

Shin Yeh, Taipei

Shin Yeh 欣葉 (台菜創始店)

地址: 台北市雙城街34-1號
Address: No. 34-1, Shuangcheng St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City
Click here for Google Map
Telephone/電話: 02-2596-3255
Opening Hours: 營業時間: 11:00 – 24:00
Getting there: Nearest MRT is Zhiongshan Elementary School Station but it is too far to walk, so taking a cab is highly recommended.
Click here for walking directions on Google Map

1. We decided to try the less convenient flagship store (need to take cab) as it was our first visit to Shin Yeh and we wanted to try the best outlet (based on reviews). Next time, we’ll visit the outlets which are nearer the MRT Station (such as the branch at Zhong Xiao East Road which is walking distance from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station Exit 3. See list of outlets here.)
2. Prices exclude 10% service charge, credit cards accepted. Menu provided in English, Mandarin and Japanese.
3. There is a Shin Yeh in Singapore, but we have yet to try it out.

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