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[Hong Kong] Sing Heung Yuen

Tomato Soup Noodles
Famous Tomato Egg Noodles at Sing Heung Yuen 蕃茄餐蛋麵 HK$19

Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園) is one of the few remaining Dai Pai Dong 大牌檔 in Hong Kong and it’s directly opposite Kau Kee Restaurant which is super famous for their beef brisket noodles. I once read a food review that the queues for Kau Kee Restaurant can be so bad during peak hours, that someone recommended going to eat at the humble roadside eatery called Sing Heung Yuen opposite Kau Kee should that happen. So during my previous trip to Hong Kong a year ago, I tried Kau Kee Restaurant first, always keeping this humble eatery as “second choice”. This year, when I came back to Hong Kong, I finally had a chance to try Sing Heung Yuen, and immediately this second choice mentality had been permanently banished – to me, the food is superb and definitely they deserved to be on a league on its own, no need to be second fiddle to Kau Kee or anyone as a matter of fact :)

Dai Pai Dong (Open-air "Big Plate Stalls" in Hong Kong) 大牌檔
Dai Pai Dong (Open-air “Big Plate Stalls” in Hong Kong) 大牌檔/大牌档

This is what the eatery looks like. You don’t really see any visible signboard. According to Wiki, this is one of 28 remaining Dai Pai Dong (literally meaning big licensed plate restaurant; they are usually open-aired food stalls) in Hong Kong so the setting is in itself an attraction to me. I went at off-peak lunch hours on a weekday and while there are no queues, all the tables were full and you have to share table with other customers (very common in Hong Kong). In fact, the stall had more customers than Kau Kee itself on that particular day showing they had their own fame and drawing power.

Tomato Soup Noodles
Famous Tomato Egg Soup Noodles at Sing Heung Yuen 蕃茄餐蛋麵

Their signature dish is noodles or macaroni cooked in tomato soup broth. I really had a hard time imagining how nice it could be but one spoonful and I was blown away :) They didn’t sting on the tomatoes at all. I choose gong zai mian 公仔面 (instant noodles) and they are cooked al dente. You can also choose macaroni as well.

Tomato Noodles with Egg
I ordered meatless tomato soup noodles which comes with a fried egg.  Common variations include added beef or luncheon meat.

Tomato Egg Noodles
I ordered a bowl of noodles to share for two persons and the nice auntie didn’t mind me asking for an empty bowl for sharing.

Crispy Toast with Lemon Honey 檸蜜脆脆
Crispy Toast with Lemon & Honey 檸蜜脆脆 HK$9

I see every table ordering these crispy toasts (脆脆) so I ordered a lemon and honey toast (檸蜜脆脆) to try and they were so darn good. They are basically burger buns toasted to crispy perfection (we saw the auntie toasting them at the back of the stall when we left) and then brushed with the sauce of your choice. Besides lemon and honey, I think they had other variations like 奶油脆脆 (butter) and 咖央脆脆 (coffee?). I am not a bread person so much so that when I eat burgers, I usually take only a few bites of the burger buns and eating only the meat patty, but toasted this way, I would have ordered seconds or thirds if not for the fact that I had already eaten so much before this meal and going to have a huge dinner a few hours later.

Iced salted Sprite 凍鹹檸七
Iced salted Sprite 凍鹹檸七 HK$12

This is another must-order, the name of the drink is loosely translated to “Salty Sprite”. This is your typical Sprite presented in a different way – together with the bottled Sprite is a glass of dried fruits and sliced lemons. When the Sprite is mixed with the contents of the glass and then stirred, the Sprite takes on new life – still carbonated but less gassy to stomach, salty and flavourful from whatever was in the glass. Really good & highly recommended.

Iced salted Sprite (Close up) 凍鹹檸七
A closer look at the stuff – I’m guessing dried sour plums and dried hawthorn/san char?

I love the charming & unpretentious setting, just like the food. Despite the fame and crowd, the auntie was patient and smiley with us (I was basically ordering by pointing what others are eating and then asking her the name of the item I pointed) and not expensive – the total bill was HK$40 for the food featured here. After I came back, I read that their Macau-style pork chop crispy bun is also good, so next time if I’m back to Hong Kong, I’ll definitely swing by again. Like what the openrice users like to say for a good eating place/dish – this place is “正”!

Sing Hueng Yuen, Hong Kong

Sing Hueng Yuen 勝香園
Address: Food Stall No. 2, Mei Lun Street, Central (opposite Kau Kee Restaurant, famous beef brisket noodles)
Walking Directions: Sheung Wan MTR Station, Exit A2
地址: 中環美輪街2號排檔
Opening Hours:  8am to 530pm (Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays)
Tel/電話 :  (852) 2544 8368

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5 Responses to “[Hong Kong] Sing Heung Yuen”

  1. maureen — August 29, 2011 @ 12:07 pm

    Hong Kongers really love maggie mee! haha


    • wiffy replied: — September 7th, 2011 @ 3:50 pm

      they use nissin or doll brand there hehe


  2. yng yng — September 29, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

    咖央脆脆,could it be kaya? :P the coconut milk/pandan jam? but then i am totally unfamiliar with hong kong cuisine :D


    • wiffy replied: — October 5th, 2011 @ 2:21 pm

      it could be, though kaya not as common in HK compared to SG… hope to have a chance to try it out next time to verify :D


  3. Hazel — October 30, 2011 @ 8:28 pm

    The Q was really long when I was there.While I found the tomato noodles okay,the iced salted sprite is really special.The combination of the ingredients is really mouth watering.I’m craving for it right now.Any idea where we can find something similar in SG?