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[Wulai/New Taipei] Taiya Po Po

Bamboo Tube Rice (竹筒飯)
Bamboo Tube Rice , a specialty at Taiya Po Po

Wulai (烏來) is a small town, roughly 25km south of Taipei City, with a rich Atayal aboriginal history. We visited a famous Atayal restaurant, Taiya Po Po (泰雅婆婆美食店), in Wulai Old Street (烏來老街) to try out some of the specialty dishes. For other eats in the same area, hop on to read about the local delights at Wulai Old Street.  The bamboo tube rice (竹筒飯), a specialty of the area, consists of sticky glutinous rice with mushroom stuffing cooked in a tube of bamboo.

Bamboo Tube Rice (竹筒飯)
Bamboo Tube stuffed with Rice and Mushroom 香菇竹筒飯 NT$70

The bamboo helps to keep the rice moist and retain its seasoned flavour. It tasted a little like Lo Mai Kai, which we are familiar with in Singapore. We find it slightly hard to chew, wish the rice was softer.

millet wine at Taiya Po Po, Wulai
Millet wine with yoghurt 泰雅小米露 NT$30, refills (續杯) NT$20.

Another specialty of the area, millet wine is a traditional beverage commonly consumed by the aborigines. This version, with yoghurt, was refreshing and mildly sweet, though we couldn’t really feel the alcohol content.

Wild boar meat stir-fry
Stir-fried wild mountain boar with basil, spring onion and garlic 炒山豬肉 NT$300.

The thinly sliced meat was surprisingly tender (the best we eaten in Taiwan so far) and the slightly fatty cut lent a sweet aroma to the dish.

wild boar meat
Stir-fried wild mountain pork with vegetable stem 水中蓮勇士 NT$350.

We liked the earlier pork dish so much that we ordered another variant. Though it looked more bland here, the flavour of the meat was really rich and the wild vegetables used were very delicious and crunchy.

Wild Veg 水蓮
They used a wild mountain vegetable (野菜) called 水蓮 in the above dish.

Stir-fried wild bittergourd
Stir-fried Bitter Melon with Salted Egg 炒鹹蛋山苦瓜 NT$150.

I don’t usually like bitter gourd but the flavour in this breed was surprisingly delightful. Every bite was juicy with a blend of bitter yet sweet taste.

wild bittergourd
Wild bitter melon/bitter gourd 山苦瓜. Definitely a different breed from those found in Singapore markets with its curled bumpy skin.

mushroom soup at Taiya Po Po, Wulai
Mushroom Soup with Spicebush 山胡椒鮮菇湯 NT$100.

A clear pepper soup with mushroom which was somewhat bland.

fried fish at Taiya Po Po, Wulai
Deep-fried local fish 香酥福山苦花魚 NT$300.

The fish were fresh but had too many tiny bones for my liking. Wiffy’s sis enjoyed it thoroughly though.

Rice 小米白飯 NT$10. Seasoned rice to complement the dishes.

Taiya PoPo, Wulai, Taipei County
Fresh ingredients lining the front of the restaurant to pick from, zi char style.

Taiya PoPo, Wulai, Taipei County
Posters, drawings and news of the Atayal culture.

Taiya PoPo, Wulai, Taipei County
Drawings of Atayal people, highlighting their trademark face tattoos.

Taiya Po Po, Wulai

Taiya Po Po (泰雅婆婆美食店)
Address: 14 Wulai Street Click here for Google Map
Getting there: The restaurant is located near the start of Wulai Old Street (烏來老街) when coming from the Wulai bus terminal, in front of Full Moon Spa resort. Click here for walking directions on Google Maps.

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