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[Hong Kong] Tang Hoi Moon Kee

Lemon Ginger Chan Pui Mui 檸汁薑陳皮梅
Lemon Ginger Chan Pui Mui 檸汁薑陳皮梅

Chan Pui Mui (陳皮梅) is a traditional preserved candy well-liked by people in Asian countries. It is made of dried preserved plum and orange peel. For those who had the experience of drinking brewed bitter Chinese medicine, you will certainly appreciate eating one of these sweet and sour treat afterwards. Walking along the streets in Sheung Wan, you will come across many shops selling similar preserved candy, each being marketed under their family names. This brand, Tang Hoi Moon Kee (鄧海滿記),  was highly recommended by a colleague of mine, and after trying out a few different brands over the years, we concluded that this is the best tasting brand of all. We later found out that it is also the most famous brand for this type of candy in Hong Kong. We saw it featured in our guide book (Hong Kong Tram Guide) and according to the write-up, the plums are dried in the sun, then boiled with liquorice, dried citrus peel, lilac, cinnamon and sugar and then dried again. This is done a total of nine times to achieve the final taste and texture. For those living in Singapore, please note that you can buy this (only the big pack) at Yue Hwa at Chinatown, third floor.

Lemon Ginger Preserved Plum (Chan Pui Mui)
Lemon Ginger Opened

The “kick” in the candy comes from the spicy ginger. The mildly sour lemon taste is complemented by an overall sweetness. The candy is soft and not overly sticky, having just the right amount of chewy texture.

Lemon Juice Ginger Preserved Plum
You can buy it in a large pack such as this.

Lemon Juice Ginger Preserved Plum
It also comes in a thin and flat clear box of 15. Easy to pack into your suitcase if you need to buy more, and they make great gifts.

Preserved Ginger Chan Pui Mui 陳皮薑
Preserved Ginger Chan Pui Mui 陳皮薑

This is the ginger version without the lemon. I still prefer the lemon ginger version as it has more flavour.

Preserved Ginger Candy
Preserved Ginger Chan Pui Mui Opened

Super Lemon Chinese Candy
Here’s a pack of Super Lemon given to us free after we bought quite a lot of candy. Nice freebie :)

Tang Hoi Moon Kee
Our purchases: A huge bag of several packages and boxes of preserved candy.

Tang Hoi Moon Kee, Hong Kong

Tang Hoi Moon Kee 鄧海滿記
Address : 175 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan
地址: 香港上環永樂街175號地下
Website: click here
Opening Hours : 8am – 530pm (Mon-Fri); 8am – 330pm (Sat); Closed on Sun
Tel/電話: (852) 2544 6464
Note: For those living in Singapore, you can buy this (only the big pack) at Yue Hwa at Chinatown, third floor.

This article is penned by contributing writer, B.

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  1. Hazel — October 30, 2011 @ 8:20 pm

    I went in search of this during my recent hk trip after reading your blog and my mum and I love it! I find that this dissolved in some hot water helped in the recovery of my cough.:)