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[Hong Kong] Wing Hop Shing Restaurant

Beef Claypot Rice
Signature Beef Claypot Rice with Raw Egg 窩蛋牛肉飯 HK$42

Wing Hop Shing Restaurant (永和成茶餐厅) has been touted as serving one of Hong Kong’s best claypot rice, and the place was recommended in two of my eating in Hong Kong guidebooks, so this was definitely a must-try eatery during our vacation in Hong Kong. Their signature dish was the beef claypot rice with raw egg (pictured above). According to our guidebooks, the owner was formerly a baker and he accidentally discovered the east-meets-west method of baking the claypot rice to cope with the demand.

Beef Claypot Rice
If you notice some parts of the beef are still pink, don’t worry. The claypot was piping hot when it arrived, and you are supposed to beat and stir the egg with the beef to cook. The toppings were cooked after we stirred through them for a couple of minutes. The rice did not have the distinctive smokey flavour of claypot rice, but I didn’t find the blandness a problem because of the savoury marinated beef. We took a spoonful of rice and beef to have a flavourful taste in every bite. You can also add soy sauce if you wish to flavour the rice further.

Corned Beef with Egg Sandwich
Beef with Egg Sandwich 蛋牛三文治 HK$24

Besides the claypot rice, we also tried their cha chan teng offerings such as this beef sandwich which is highly recommended. The filling is really good – It is a meltingly delicious blend of egg and beef. The beef reminds me of corned beef, very flavourful but made fresh and less salty.

Corned Beef with Egg Sandwich
Taking a bite from the beef and egg sandwich – very yummy!

Egg Tarts
Egg Tarts (蛋塔) – I think they are HK$5 each. The egg tarts have a homemade feel to it. They are quite good although you may also like to try the egg tarts from Honolulu cafe and Tai Cheong Bakery.

Yuan Yang Milk Tea
Yun Yong (Yuan Yang) Milk Tea (鴛鴦), HK$13
Yun Yong is a combination of milk tea and coffee. The traditionally shaped teacup shown here was so cute and special that wiffy actually asked the boss (who was manning the cashier counter) if they sell it. She was even prepared to buy their used cups. To her delight, they had brand new ones in a carton and offered them to her at only HKD10 (less than SGD2) each! We bought 2 sets and the helpful staff picked out 2 different designs for us which were at the bottom of the cup. Black & White is a brand of evaporated milk but we don’t have this in Singapore so wiffy was extremely pleased with the find.

Iced Milk Tea
Iced Milk Tea HK$13. Nice, sweet and refreshing on a hot summer day.

wiffy’s notes: The service we had was fuss-free and good. I basically ordered from the food pictures in my guidebook and then asked the auntie what the names of the dishes were, and she was really obliging. When I asked the uncle at the cashier if I could buy a tea cup from them (I know, weird request), he smilingly said I can get two so that we can have a pair. The auntie gave us brand new cups and even took the effort to pick out the cuter designs (at the bottom of the tea cups) for my collection. I got Fei Fei & Mr Panda. I will definitely return again for both the food and the warm service :D

Wing Hop Shing Restaurant, Hong Kong (永和成茶餐厅)

Wing Hop Shing Restaurant (永和成茶餐厅)
Address: 113-115 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
Walking Directions: Sheung Wan MTR Station, Exit A2
地址: 上環蘇杭街113至115號地下
Opening Hours: 6am-4pm (Mon-Fri), 6am-3pm (Sat), Closed on Sunday
Tel/電話 :  (852) 2850 5723

This article is penned by contributing writer, B.

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