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[Hong Kong] Wing Wah Noodle Shop

Wonton Noodles 雲吞麵
Shrimp Wonton Noodle 鮮蝦雲吞麵 HK$29

Wonton noodle soup is a common dish in Singapore, however the Hong Kong version is quite different that it is usually soup-based. Wing Wah Noodle Shop (永華麵家) in Wan Chai is just where you can find such tasty wonton noodle soup with fresh tasting prawns (shrimp) in the wonton and noodles with enough bite (QQ texture). Personally, I feel this is the best wonton noodles I have tasted in Hong Kong (even better than the famous Mak’s Noodles) and their desserts are as good as the main dishes. This is definitely a place worth visiting when you are in Hong Kong. While you are in Wanchai, you can also drop by Honolulu Coffee Shop to takeaway their famous egg tarts.

Chef at work at Wing Wah Noodle Shop, HK
Chef at work at Wing Wah Noodle Shop, HK

One of the kitchens preparing noodles is at the entrance facing the cashier so you can see the chef at work.

Complimentary Pickles

Crunchy and addictively sour & spicy. I guess this is something to get your appetite going if you are not already hungry from all the shopping and walking in Hong Kong.

Wonton Noodles at Wing Wah Noodle Shop, Hong Kong
Wonton Noodle

As mentioned, the noodles were delightfully springy and “QQ”. I prefer this to Mak’s Noodle’s wonton noodle soup. Hidden below were the wontons (dumplings).

Wonton at Wing Wah Noodle Shop, Hong Kong
A bite into the wonton

Fresh tasting, crunchy prawn with every bite, a sure delight. They managed to stuff a few prawns in every wonton which is amazing.

Newspaper Accolade at Wing Wah Noodle Shop, HK
Newspaper Accolade at Wing Wah Noodle Shop, HK

According to our guidebook (Eat your way around Hong Kong), the noodles here are famous for being beaten with a bamboo pole to give them the springy consistency. It sounds like what is being shown in the newspaper photo.

Chilli Sauce
Spicy chilli sauce – similar to Mak’s Noodles and Kau Kee‘s

Beef Ball & Fish Ball Soup
Fish Ball & Beef Ball HK$29

This consists of just fish and beef balls in soup. All handmade, very tasty and springy. I think the cut in the beef ball is unusual but maybe it helps with cooking through and gives it a more interesting appearance. I feel the beef balls here are superior to and more flavourful than Lok Yuen’s King of beef balls. They were basically the best I have tasted so far.

Home-Made Fish Ball
Home-made Fish Ball

Not really round like your typical fish ball but it’s totally handmade and springy. Tasted very fresh too.

Oyster Sauce Vegetables with Shrimp Powder
Kailan with Shrimp Powder & Oyster Sauce 蝦籽芥蘭 HK$33

Nicely cooked, even the thick stem was softened but as you can see, the bright colours of the vegetable had been retained. I saw the chef sprinkle the shrimp powder on the dish just before serving.

Red Bean Soup
Red Bean Soup with Orange Peel 陳皮紅豆沙 HK$20

The soup had a smooth consistency because the red beans had been pureed, so unlike the usual Singapore version, you don’t see the broken red beans anymore. The orange peel gave it an unusually herbal taste (reminded wiffy of 茶叶蛋) and overall it was all very good tasting.

White Nut and bean Curd Sheet with Egg
Gingko Nuts and Bean Curd Skin with Egg HK$30

I don’t usually fancy Chinese desserts but this was surprisingly good. Perhaps I enjoy the taste of bean curd. Just enough sweetness and the bean curd skin gave the soup a nice thick velvety texture. Unlike the Singapore version, the bean curd skin had also been totally pureed so you don’t see the suspended pieces anymore. There were also barley underneath. The gingko nuts had been pitted painstakingly so there was no bitter after-taste, which is what every dessert maker with pride should do.

Fuchok (White Nut and Bean Curd Sheet with Egg)
Hard-boiled egg. Goes well with the dessert. Again, only the Hong Kong version comes with whole hard boiled egg.

Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea

Complimentary as with most eateries in Hong Kong. A good sugar-free thirst quencher.

Wing Wah Noodle Shop, Hong Kong 永華麵家

Wing Wah Noodle Shop 永華麵家
Address: 89 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Walking Directions: Wan Chai MTR Station, Exit A2, turn right and walk straight
地址: 灣仔軒尼詩道89號地下
Opening Hours:  12 pm to 5 am (Mon-Sat), 12pm to 1 am (Sun)
Tel/電話 :  (852) 2527 7476

What’s nearby: Egg Tarts at Honolulu Coffee Shop

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This article is penned by contributing writer, B.

Wiffy’s Notes: This is currently my favourite wonton noodles in Hong Kong, edging out even the famous Mak’s Noodles. The service is better as well – the friendly auntie was kind enough to explain to us what the pickles were after I asked. This is the one and only outlet in Hong Kong. Do leave some space in your tummy for the desserts because they are stellar and traditionally made. Both the red bean soup and the bean curd skin dessert were very different from the Singapore versions – the Hong Kong version is basically pureed and much better than ours in my humble opinion. Every dish we tried that day was a winner. I saw many people also ordering the pork knuckle noodles so next time I revisit, I’ll try out this dish as well.


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