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[Wulai/New Taipei] Wulai Xiao Chi

Hot Springs Egg
Hot Springs Eggs

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Wulai (烏來) is a small town roughly 25km south of central Taipei which is famous for its hot springs as well as nature sights such as waterfalls and hiking trails. Largely influenced by its Atayal history, there are aboriginal specialty food (烏來小吃) found only in this area. A popular street, Wulai Old Street (烏來老街), features many local delights such as millet wine and wild mountain boar meat. Here, you can see hot spring eggs which are essentially eggs cooked in hot spring water at NT$10 each.

Hot Springs Egg
A flavourful egg. We wished the yolk was more runny though.

shao shing wine egg
There was a shao xing wine (紹興酒) infused version of the egg but we preferred the original version. NT$15 each.

Millet Wine
A variety of millet wine (小米露 / 小米酒). They come in different grades. Price range NT$150 to NT$450. You can ask for samples to try with no obligation to buy.

Millet Wine
This is the type millet that was used to make the wine.

Millet Wine
We bought 1 bottle of millet wine (小米酒) and 1 bottle of brown millet wine (黑米露) after trying out a few grades. These cost NT$450 each.

wild boar sausage
Wild mountain boar sausage (山豬肉香腸). NT$35 each.

Wild Boar Skewers
Wild mountain boar skewer (山豬肉串) NT35 each, 3 for NT$100.

wild boar skewer
Nice and aromatic with bell peppers in between the meat.

wild boar thigh
This is wild mountain boar thigh on a stick (山豬肉棒棒腿) from another stall. We waited for around 10 mins for the stick to be cooked. The meat was really tough and hard to chew, we almost couldn’t finish it. :(

Taiya Po Po, Wulai
Here’s the famous Atayal restaurant, Taiya Po Po (泰雅婆婆美食店), which serves authentic aboriginal dishes. For a more detailed write-up, visit this post. I will just do a quick summary of the dishes here.

Bamboo Tube Rice (竹筒飯)
Bamboo Tube Rice (竹筒飯) – for more information, check out this post

fried fish at Taiya Po Po, Wulai
Deep-fried local fish 香酥福山苦花魚 – for more information, check out this post

Stir-fried wild bittergourd
Stir-fried Bitter Melon with Salted Egg 炒鹹蛋山苦瓜 – for more information, check out this post

Wild boar meat stir-fry
Stir-fried wild mountain pork with vegetable stem 水中蓮勇士 – for more information, check out this post

wulai old street

Wulai Old Street (烏來老街)
Taipei to Wulai: Take the MRT to Xindian MRT station. At the bus stop in front of the station, take bus 849 which terminates at Wulai bus terminal. The bus journey takes around 40 minutes. Wulai Old Street is a short 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Wulai bus terminal and you will cross a short bridge just before reaching. Click here for walking directions on Google Maps.

Wulai to Taipei: From Wulai bus terminal, take bus 849. The bus journey takes about 40 minutes. Alight at the bus stop opposite Xindian MRT station.

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  1. TBH — October 8, 2012 @ 12:37 pm

    Hi, do you know if Wulai old street is still under renovation? Possible to visit around early Nov?


    • wiffy replied: — October 22nd, 2012 @ 10:18 pm

      Hi sorry, no idea about this. Perhaps you can check with one of the hotels in the area by calling them.